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  • MP3 300 YoUrban
  • Version:
  • 300cc

MP3 300 YoUrban


MP3 YoUrban 300 CC

Mp3 Yourban LT instantly grabs your attention with its youthful, sporty design: A stylistic balance which joins the spirited front end and the racy rear end together in harmony to create a sleek and light line. With exposed front suspension components and the absolutely innovative forms of the front mudguard, the Mp3 Yourban LT flaunts an unmistakably technological look.

Every component has been studied in its every detail, both aesthetically and from a constructive point of view. The front view, made unique by the double front tyre, is dominated by the handlebar which integrates the powerful double dome headlight assembly, LED daylight running lights and is crowned by an efficient smoke grey top fairing. At the centre of the shield the brushed finish "neck-tie" characteristic is evident, a finish which recalls that of the alloy wheel rims and the silencer heat shield. The encircling and protective form of the mudguard in a solid colour to match the bodywork slims out the front view.
A sleek and racy tail corresponds with the spirited front end, which elegantly combines two convenient handles for the passenger and finishes with the modern and painstakingly designed taillight, characterised by daylight running lights and a LED stop light.
The two-colour scheme of the bodywork, with coloured parts alternating with aluminium-look painted inserts blends in with the matching coloured saddle and interiors. The innovative metal-look finish central element running along the vehicle enhances its sleek lines and its muscular, dynamic attitude. The details of the handlebar, the rear shield and the central tunnel, under which the fuel tank cap is concealed, complete the aesthetics of the vehicle.

The Mp3 Yourban LT is not just elegant; it is also comfortable, functional and equipped with a comprehensive array of creature comforts and state of the art technological solutions.
The saddle, with seating on two separate levels, integrates a comfortable rear support for the driver and is shaped in such a way as to allow for easy and safe reach to the ground and to ensure an extremely high level of comfort. The finish is also available in various colour schemes, co-ordinated with the colouring of the internal embossing. The generously spacious helmet compartment provides comfortable space for two jet helmets with visor or alternatively a laptop bag. A practical and discrete concealed bag hook finds a place integrated into the leg shield back plate.
Exhaustive, easy to read instruments with sophisticated pale blue lighting offer full information ready at a glance. The instrument panel is comprised of three circular elements (speedometer, water temperature and fuel level), a modern LCD display with odometer, digital clock, battery voltage and external temperature functions as well as a series of warning lights dedicated to the fuel reserve, high-beam, turn indicator, oil pressure, four hazard lights and injection system check. There are also warning lights for characterising Mp3 features such as the roll lock system, lock system fault and engagement of the parking brake.